Fancy Finishes

Durable, unique finishes for your home.

We have been working on some special glitter projects here at Three Rivers Painting!

We start with a bonding primer and enamel just as we would for any wood work project, then glitter is applied in any color combination you can imagine and finally a bar top finish is applied up to 1/4" thick. The finished product comes out with a stunning visual appeal, with a high gloss hard surface. All pieces are extremely durable and absolutely beautiful!

If adding sparkle to your home peaks your interest, take a look at some of the samples in the gallery above. We can customize enamel and glitter colors to suit your needs and the finish can be applied to nearly any wood surface, even if it has been previously finished... desks, chairs, dressers, cabinets, counter tops/ bathroom vanities, picture frames, vintage furniture pieces, floors, etc.

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